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Jannat Ul Firdous
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Jannat Ul Firdous 1
Jannat Ul Firdous
OUR PRICE:  £3.00
e-code: 10570
Product: Al Sunnah Perfumes
Designer: Al Sunnah Perfumes
Size: 10ml
Top quality, oil based, non-alcoholic attar with the scent of Jannat Ul Firdous.

Attar is a type of natural perfume extracted from flowers (such as jasmine, rose or sandalwood), herbs, spices, or barks. It is very popular in the Middle East, South Asia, and parts of Africa. Attar is the most common form of concentrated perfume. Attar are natural perfumes for daily use, and it is not injurious to health as alcohol can be and is suitable for both men and women. It contains about 20% to 50% concentrated perfume. It is a blend of various extracts and usually takes a period of about 5 to 10 years.

Alcohol (common solvent for most perfumes) causes the perfume to evaporate much faster sometimes unto as much as 10 - 15 times faster. This causes the first impression of the perfume to be overwhelming to human senses, but it soon evaporates and loses power. Given its natural derivation, ittar lasts a long time. Body heat only intensifies its smell.
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