The Nia Maxi Dress is the perfect, essential everyday wardrobe staple. With a full length, soft textured finish, long sleeves and a soft round neck, this is the perfect simple style for all occasions.

  • Available in five colours
  • High neckline, lightweight construction
  • Plain bodice and cuffs
  • Full-length, long sleeves
  • One pocket

Fabric Composition: 95% Polyester & 5% Elastane 

Fabric Type: Textured Jersey

Fit Information: A-Line

Fabric Description 


Jersey material is a knitted fabric with a smooth, flat face and a more textured back. It is light-weight and has a varying amount of stretch. It drapes smoothly and is very soft. Jersey is made from cotton and synthetic fibres. A comfortable material for your everyday outfit.

Size Tips

Our full length maxi dresses are available in 4 different lengths:

Size 8 = 52'

Size 10 = 54'

Size 12 = 56'

Size 14 = 58'

Measure yourself from the highest point of your neckline down to the floor.  Select the nearest suitable length.

Useful Tips

Wearing the garment with heels: Select the nearest longer length suitable for you.

Wearing the garment with flats: Select the nearest shorter length suitable for you.