Adele Maxi Dress

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The Adele Maxi is classically elegant. The simplicity of the dress is contrasted by its dazzling details. Falling just above ankle length, the dress has a slight A-line flare, creating a subtle hourglass shape. The front closure of the dress is adorned with a ribbon of pearl like beads and gemstones, which mask the buttons hidden beneath. Its back panel lies cleanly across the shoulders, with subtle gathers which allow the dress to fall smoothly. The full length sleeves fall just below the wrist and flare at the elbows. A highlight of this style, the slit of the bell cuffs is accented by a gemstone button. All seams are beautifully tailored to finish this classic piece.
Fabric Composition: 95% Polyester & 5% Spandex
 Fabric Type: Crepe
Garment Length (All sizes): 56"
Fit Information: Maxi Dress
- Maxi length
- Bell Sleeve
- Gemstone Cuff link
- Pearl and Gem Accents
- Available in Black, Grey and Mocha