Eleeza Waterfall Jacket

£39.99 39.99
This stylish waterfall-style jacket is fashionable, comfortable and exceptionally elegant. It displays a rich camel colour that is simply stunning. The stylish jacket is mid length and looks beautiful paired with one of our full length dresses. It features a waist tie that can be left hanging for an open look or tied round the front to ensure the jacket is your outfit's centrepiece. It also has two D-Rings, one accompanying the middle of each sleeve, and the fabric folds over at the top giving the impression of a waterfall coat.

- Mid Length
- Waist Tie
- Waterfall Style 
- Two Pockets
- Available in Camel and Black
Fabric Composition: 95% Polyester & 5% Spandex
Fabric Type: Suede
Fit Information: Jacket
Fabric Description
Suede is a velvety texture and matte finish fabric this is often used interchangeably with leather in clothing. The material feels amazing and it always looks good and feels lightweight. Suede simply refers to the finish that gives the fabric a soft, fibrous effect.