AL HARAMAIN Fawah Perfume Oil 25ml

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Fawah is a fruity paradise in a bottle. A sensational fragrance characterised by an array of sumptuous fruits. A blend of fragrant florals doubles the sweet appeal, making this perfume a must for your collection. The perfume is presented in a glamorous glass flacon with gilded detailing.  

Take a whiff of Joy. Treat with the sensual aroma of paradise. This juicy flacon is jammed with the romantic & the irresistible sweet fragrance of raspberry, strawberry and peach. Flourished with the energetic blends of jasmine and rose strengthen with the sweetness of vanilla, musk & coconut. Fawah – a real fruity-floral, verdant and pure.

Fragrance Notes:

Top note: Raspberry, Strawberry, Peach

Middle note: Orris, Jasmine, Rose

Base note: Vanilla, Coconut, Musk