Reem Roman Blazer

£20.00 £10.00 10.00

A black blazer is a key piece for every girl’s wardrobe. The Reem Blazer features a waterfall front, trailing down with a soft collar; this jacket can be layered over a longer dress without creating any harsh lines. The slanted zip pockets add an edgy finish to the blazer, ready for work and summer nights.

Fabric Composition: 95% Polyester 5% Spandex

Fabric Type: Textured Jersey

Fit Information: Blazer

Fabric Description 


Jersey material is a knitted fabric with a smooth, flat face and a more textured back. It is light-weight and has a varying amount of stretch. It drapes smoothly and is very soft. Jersey is made from cotton and synthetic fibres. A comfortable material for your everyday outfit.