Living Islam - Why We Love Acacia Honey (And Why You Should Too!)

At Living Islam, we offer a wide range of natural types of honey that make for great additions to your everyday diet.

In this article, we want to hone in on one type of honey that’s especially beneficial – Acacia Honey.

This is a rare variety of honey that’s only produced by bees that pollinate the Black Locust Tree. That makes it a little more difficult to get your hands on. However, the many benefits that come with this type of honey make it more than worth your while.

What are those benefits, you ask?

Here are a few to keep in mind.

Benefit #1 – Powerful Plant Compounds

While Acacia Honey offers little direct nutritional benefit, having minimal amounts of Vitamin C and magnesium, it’s loaded with something that your body loves – flavonoids

These are plant compounds that act as antioxidants. And anybody who’s heard that word before knows just how vital these compounds are when it comes to maintaining a healthy body.

Antioxidants take the fight to the free radicals that cause premature ageing and cell damage in the body. That means eating more of them will leave you feeling younger and more energised. Applying the honey to your skin may even be able to help you fight against light wrinkles and other signs of ageing.

Your heart health also benefits from a good dose of antioxidants. You may have heard that a glass of red wine per day is good for the heart. Obviously, that isn’t an option for Muslims who keep a halal lifestyle. However, the reason wine is so good for the heart (in limited amounts) is that it also contains antioxidants.

By eating Acacia Honey, you’re getting those same heart health benefits without having to go the haram route.

Benefit #2 – It’s a Wound Healer

Even more interestingly, Acacia Honey has been used as a wound healer for centuries.

Its antioxidant properties play a role here. But perhaps more importantly, Acacia Honey is a powerful antibacterial agent. In chemical terms, this means that it slowly releases a compound called Hydrogen Peroxide, which is capable of killing many bad forms of bacteria.

Of course, this has obvious benefits when you eat the honey. It allows you to take the fight to the bad bacteria that may have made your digestive system its home. That means you improve your gut health and reinforce the good bacteria in your gut.

But these properties also come to the fore when the honey is applied directly to cuts and scrapes. Its ability to destroy bacteria can help to disinfect the wound, as well as ensuring that it heals faster than it otherwise would.

The Final Word

The only downside to Acacia Honey is that it has a fairly high sugar content. But even then, these are natural sugars rather than the processed kinds that cause real damage to your body.

All that’s left is to get your hands on some. Check out the Acacia Honey offered by Living Islam. We’re sure you’ll love both the taste and the positive effects it has on your body.

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