Elite Perfumery Oud Absolu

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Elite Perfumery Oud Absolu Eau De Parfum 100ml is a timeless scent combining notes of oud wood and rose into a heavenly aroma that invokes the magic of the desert. This intoxicating setting captures the heart and minds of travellers, from morning when the sun illuminates the sky over the boundless sand to evening when it tints the horizon a sublime pink. Inspired by the serendipity sparked by contrasting concepts, Louis Vuitton's Master Perfumer Jacques Cavallier-Belletrud has conjured up a cold and hot fragrance using some of the most highly valued ingredients in the industry. The complementary refreshing tones of rose and the woody riches of oud are accentuated by a dose of ambergris. The bottle can be refilled in stores installed with a perfume fountain.