Inspired by a classic, the Hiba Midi dress is comfortable and chic. Soft loopback jersey material makes this cozy dress warm and versatile. It features a full hood with knitted drawcords and silver detailing.
Its full length sleeves are finished in a simple rib cuff. Drawing on its sweatshirt roots, this dress has a front kangaroo pocket. Ending just below the knee, it finishes in a wide, smooth hemline. Whether you’re wearing it around the house or out with friends, this dress is sure to be a perfect fit.
Fabric Composition: 80% Polyester & 20% Cotton
Fabric Type: Jersey
Fit Information: Midi Dress
-     Loopback Jersey Fabric
-     Knotted Drawcords
-     Silver Detailing
-     Kangaroo Pocket
-     Hood
-     Knee length
- Garment Length approx (All sizes): 44" 
-     Available in Black, Grey, Dark Grey, Burgundy,Teal & Khaki