Islam: The Glorious Religion

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A comprehensive manual covering virtually all the important aspects of the beautiful religion of Islam, written by a prolific scholar of his time. It details the Islamic faith, covering belief, worship, command and principles founded on the Ahl al-Sunnat w'al Jama'at (Greatest majority of Muslims following the Sunnah) creed. Based upon the Hanafi jurisprudence.  

The author 'Khaleel-e-Millat' had a 'name' in literary circles as well as in the arena of public speaking. Educated in the spiritual academy of Barkaatiyya Mahrehrah Shareef this practising scholar penned a large number of books, treatises and articles on Islam, which he maintained diligently until he breathed his last while writing the book titled "Maut Kaa Safar" (Journey to Death). Some of these books have been used as training guides and have come under the study of students and scholars alike. Books like ''Sunni Bahishti Zewar"(The Jewels of Paradise or The Heavenly Jewels) have been passionately consumed by the masses, not just in the asian sub-continent but throughout the world.   

Islam, the Glorious Religion was first published in 1955, and after many editions it is now available in English, Dutch, Hindi languages since its original urdu version was first launched as '' Hamaaraa Islam.''