Samara Maxi Hoodie

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This dress is a great choice for fashionable yet comfortable clothing. It resembles a hooded sweater in a much more stylish and sophisticated manner. This floor length dress features a thick hood for maximum warmth and comfort, along with a black coloured zip starting from the neck and transcending down to the middle of the chest. The fabric pinches in to create cuffed sleeves.

- Thick, Warm Material
- Large Hood with ties
- Two Pockets
- Elasticated Sleeves
- Zip
- Available in Black & Grey
Fabric Composition: 100% Polyester
Fabric Type: Loop Back Cotton Jersey
Fit Information: A-Line
Fabric Description
Loop Back Cotton Jersey
This custom made Loop Back Jersey fabric is unique due to its special type of knit, which goes through the back loop and twists the stitch. A poly-based fabric made of spun yarn, this jersey fabric has a tight knit which makes it a solid textile.
Size Information
Measure yourself from the highest point of your neckline down to the floor.  Select the nearest suitable length. Measure all the way round your bust and match your measurements against the size guide provided.
Garment Length
Length 52= 52 inches
Length 54= 54 inches
Length 56= 56 inches
Length 58= 58 inches
UK Dress Size
Small= UK Dress Size 8-10
Medium= UK Dress Size 12-14
Large= UK Dress Size 16 
Useful Tips 
Wearing the garment with heels: Select the nearest longer length suitable for you.
Wearing the garment with flats: Select the nearest shorter length suitable for you.