Beard Oil vs Beard Balm – What’s the Difference?

Your beards coming along nicely. It’s long enough for you to start tending it and you spend a good few minutes every morning on making sure it looks the part.

The only problem is that you’re having the same issue that every bearded man has – it’s getting a little uncomfortable.

You can’t use a moisturiser on the skin underneath your beard because it just doesn’t get through. You can feel the skin drying up and it’s starting to get a little bit itchy.

So, you can go with one of two choices – a beard oil or a beard balm.

Will either one do for the problem? Let’s look at the differences between them.

What’s a Beard Oil?

This is definitely the more common of the two products and you can find beard oils almost anywhere that sells cosmetics, skincare, and hair care products.

As the name suggests, beard oil is just an oil that you rub into your beard. Typically, the oil will have a nice fragrance and it’s capable of penetrating through the hairs to get to your skin. This allows it to have a nice moisturising effect. The oil is also specially-formulated so that it will take care of the beard hair itself.

Regular application leaves your beard feeling thick, full, and healthy. It’ll have a nice shine to it and you’ll be able to get rid of that scratchy feeling that comes from you not being able to take care of the skin that lies underneath.

So Why Would I Need a Beard Balm?

On the face of it, a beard balm seems to offer the exact same benefits as a beard oil. You get to take care of your hair and skin at the same time. Plus, you get that nice fragrance that stops your beard from getting a stale smell.

But there’s one crucial difference – hold.

Imagine that you’ve grown your beard out so that it’s big and busy. Even with regular maintenance, it’s tough to keep all of the hairs in place. You could end up looking a little scruffy as the hairs start to wander away from the main beard.

It’s a problem that many men of Islamic faith have. And it’s one that a beard balm can help you solve.

The balm is a lot thicker than oil and you apply it with the intention of adding some form to your beard. It works almost like a wax or modelling clay would work for your hair. With a balm, you’re able to style your beard while still taking care of the skin and hair.

Which Should I Choose?

It really depends on the type of beard that you have.

If you keep your beard short and well-trimmed, a beard oil is probably the best choice for you. It’s easier to apply and you don’t have to worry about hold.

However, if you have a beard that’s long enough to run your fingers through, you should definitely go with the balm. You get the same benefits that you get from an oil with the added hold that you’re growing beard needs.

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