Make a Date With Dates – The Benefits That Make Dates the Perfect Addition to Your Diet

At Living Islam, we provide a range of food products that make marvellous additions to your diet.

That brings us to the subject of this article. While we don’t sell fresh dates via the site due to their perishable nature, we do offer a date powder that gives you all of the goodness of this food in a manner that allows you to enjoy those benefits for much longer.

The question now is what those benefits are.

Here are some reasons why you need dates in your life.

Reason #1 – They’re Ideal for Pregnant Women

Those carrying children already have plenty of issues to deal with. The pregnancy can take a huge toll on your body and can leave you feeling stressed.

You don’t want to add to that with the stress of possibly not being able to go into labour naturally.

Dates can help you to alleviate that stress. It appears that the fruit encourages natural labour. One study found that women who eat dates on a daily basis are 20% more likely to experience a natural labour than those who don’t.

Interestingly, another study found that women who eat dates generally spend less time in active labour as well.

That’s two pregnancy-related benefits for the price of one, which makes dates an essential addition you’re your diet. Let’s just hope that you develop a craving for them during pregnancy!

Reason #2 – They Contain Loads of Fibre

You want to get plenty of natural and soluble fibre into your body.

Fibre helps you to maintain a healthy digestive system. Think of your gut as the engine room of the entire body. If it’s not working properly, you’re going to experience all sorts of issues.

A 3.5 ounce serving of dates contains about 7 grams of fibre. That makes the food one of the healthiest sources of this essential nutrient.

Interestingly, fibre also plays a key role in slowing down digestion. This means that you benefit from the foods that you eat for longer. Better yet, this slower digestion could give you a little more control over your blood sugar levels.

Reason #3 – They’re High in Antioxidants

Over time, the cells in your body come under attack by free radicals and other undesirable molecules.

The effect of these molecules?

They cause ageing, often prematurely.

That’s where antioxidants come in. These compounds fight the good fight in terms of keeping your body looking and feeling younger and healthier.

Dates are a great source of these antioxidants. Specifically, dates contain flavonoids, which are proven to fight against internal inflammation.

Less inflammation means less wear and tear on your body.

The Final Word

This is just a sample of the many benefits that dates have to offer for your body. Making them a part of your diet today will see you enjoying plenty of health benefits in the long run.

You can make it easier to get your daily dose with our date powder. Use it as a seasoning for foods and you get all of the benefits of dates without having to constantly buy them.

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