The Mistakes You Might Be Making With Your Perfume

Applying perfume is simple, right?

You just spray it onto the areas that you want to smell nice and you’re done.

That’s not the case. In fact, there are several mistakes that people make with perfume that could lead to issues with the fragrance. Whether it’s the scent not lasting as long as it should or the notes getting damaged through improper application, these mistakes mean you’re not getting the most out of your perfume.

Mistake #1 – Expecting the Same Fragrance All Day

Perfumes are a complex thing.

Multiple notes go into making the fragrance and the scent will evolve during the course of the day.

The top, or dominant, notes are what you’ll notice first of all. However, these notes will gradually fade and mingle with the subtler notes to create a more well-rounded scent as the day goes on.

The point is that you can’t expect a perfume to retain the same scent all day. Thinking that it should could lead to you reapplying too many times. This wastes perfume and could also lead to you carrying an overpowering scent.

Mistake #2 – Testing Too Many at Once

We’ve all stood with several tester bottles in front of us. We give them a whiff, one after the other, to find the one that’s right for us.

The problem with this is that the scent from the last bottle still lingers when you try the next. That means you’re making your choice based on inaccurate data.

Take your time when testing different fragrances. Try taking a sip of water between each sniff. This will cleanse your fragrance palette and allow you to experience each one as it’s meant to be experienced.

As a result, you make a better choice.

Mistake #3 – You’re Not Storing it Properly

The bathroom seems like the most natural place in the world to store a perfume. After all, you’re generally going to apply it as part of your daily grooming regimen, most of which takes place in the bathroom.

But there’s a problem.

Perfumes often lose their quality when exposed to the wrong conditions.

Exposure to direct sunlight is an issue, which may be a problem if your bathroom has a window. However, the big bathroom problem is that moisture will affect the perfume. The water in the air could dilute the fragrance and make it less powerful.

When storing, it’s best to keep the bottle in a cool, dry, and fairly dark place. It’s also a good idea to keep the box that the perfume came in. This adds an extra layer of protection to ensure the perfume maintains its quality.

The Final Word

Making these mistakes could lead to your perfume not smelling as good as it should. You may even damage the perfume so much that you no longer want to wear it.

That’s a shame as it could lead to you wasting what was perfectly good perfume.

Make sure you avoid these mistakes with any perfume that you buy from the Living Islam collection.

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